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9 out of 10 visitors leave your page without any action

Catch them with Kicklander smart targeted messages!

Integrate with your favourite SMS & Newsletter provider to send smart targeted messages based user behaviour in your site.


Set up special offer message box when user trying to leave your site. It could be an offer, newsletter sign up, social share or any message you’d like.


Stop losing your money. Gain more from your traffic by offering users who trying to leave you at the most important page.


Create different design or offer variations to see which is convert better in real time. No more guessing what is works. Increase your revenue now.


Use our smart triggers to show your offer or message, it could be click on an element, time delay, scrolling top / bottom at %X or just trying to leave you.


Start measuring results, fast and easy. Important stats are infront of you. Take action to improve your strategy by seeing real time results.


With our Zapier Integration toolkit you can setup automation process to manage your data

Integrate campaigns to smart apps to get a better engagement with your visitors based on behavior.

Awesome Toolkit To Improve Your Conversion Rate

Kicklander was built by marketers for marketers. We know what best for you.

Powerful converting tools

Kicklander has everything you need to create awesome lead forms. Once you have done creating your campaign, just copy & paste our code to kickstart your conversion lander.


Smart lead system

Data management is our core.

Kicklander comes with extensive data management system which let you review your data by various of segments, export out, backup archive, un/handled marker and more. It's so easy to manage your data with Kicklander!


Flex ready-to-use tempaltes

Pick our tested templates, Add video, text, trigger with ease.

Our pre-made templates will help you to create rich popus that converts! start your trial now and be amazed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Kicklander? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.
Will my website run slower with Kicklander?

No chance at all. We value performance, which is why we have tested Kicklander on many high-traffic websites and experienced zero percent slow down.

Do i need to possess coding skills to use Kicklander?

Not at all. Kicklander is a clean plug-and-play solution that anyone can use to increase conversion on existing web traffic. Coding skills or no coding skills, you can get started quickly and our team is here to help in case you need us.

Can i use my own design?

You sure can! We provide different fully customizable template forms that can be edited according to your needs. Moreover, you can upload your own designs that fit your website style at no additional cost.

Does Kicklander support different shopping platforms?

Yes, it does. In fact, Kicklander supports all shopping platforms and even provides seamless integration to get your cart running in no time.

How do I get the leads collected using a campaign?

Kicklander saves all of your data on the cloud.In addition, you could quickly integrate your favorite CRM via our Zapier API connection.

How long is the data kept?

Forever (or until you delete it).



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