Create In-Site
FOMO Notifications
to Leverage Your ROI
Create In-Site Notifications to Leverage Your ROI

Instantly convert & monetize your traffic using our platform to create no-code notifications that call to an action

Instantly convert & monetize your traffic to create no-code notifications that call to an action

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Find out why 420+ marketing agencies, bloggers, e-commerce websites LOVE Kicklander

420+ websites LOVE Kicklander

Data Meets Tech

Create In-Site Notifications

Deliver personalized messages with dynamic triggers, use webhooks, API or work with our built-in lead system
Visitors Engagement
With Kicklander you can create FOMO notifications, popups, get feedback, show reviews, and offer visitors unique content they will be interested in.

Grow Your Email List

Gain more subscribers by smart offering and targeting to catch the golden email at the right time & place.

User Feedbacks

Check how your visitors respond to your site with simple graphic buttons to reply for site design, functionality, etc.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Trigger valuable offer when your visitors trying to leave shopping cart page, separate offers across devices, UTM source or other metric.

Boost Site Conversion

Unlock the full potential of your traffic with targeted notification campaigns that reduce FOMO.

Easy Peasy, Plug & Play

Just copy & paste a simple pixel code.
It means that Kicklander works for every website, no matter what technology/platform you use.

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Exclusive Features for Your
Next Level Web
Build with quality, packed with quantity.
Explore the ultimate possibilities with an endless list of exclusive features.


Optimize your campaigns using our rich Analytics tool and improve your conversion rate by taking the right decisions using smart triggering and behvaior


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Data export

Form Submissions


Get data submissions easily via webhook to easily integrate thousands of app via the most familiar no-code automation tools

URL Endpoint

Email delivery


Rest API let you work with data and notifications through campaigns, create smart automations and maximize your conversion rate






Skyrocket Your Revenue with Our
FOMO Notification System
Lightweight FOMO notification toolset with built-in templates,
triggers, webhooks, integrates every website technology

Preview notification types

Preview notification types

Create FOMO Kick in 30secs

Create FOMO Kick in 30secs

Take a look how quick is to create FOMO Kick notification and implement in every website platform, easily.

Kicklander offers whole platform to create easy no-code FOMO notifications.

Choose within dozens of pre built templates, clean look, tested for maximum conversion rate optimization.

Technology & data out of the box

Technology & data out of the box

API, Webhooks, Analytics

API, Webhooks, Analytics

Get submissions data via simply configured webhooks or via free API, get insights with our built-in Analytics tool to optimize your campaigns based results.

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Thousands from dozens countries are using Kicklander

Kicklander FOMO notiffications are a game changer for my online store. Thank you, Jane Doe, Ecommerce Manager

Jane B.
Ecommerce Manager
Easy to use and highly effective.
My client's sales increased by 20% within a week! Great job.

John S.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Our blog traffic skyrocketed after integrating FOMO notifications. Highly recommend this app!

Sarah Lee
The FOMO notification builder is a must-have for any digital marketer.

Jack Brown
Digital Agency Owner
Our email marketing campaigns have never been more successful since we started using this app.

Emily Jones
Email Marketer
FOMO notifications have helped us improve customer engagement and sales. Highly recommended!

Mark Johnson
Social Media Manager
The app is user-friendly and the support team is quick to respond. Great value for money.

Lisa Chen
Marketing Director
Our clients are seeing a significant increase in conversions since using FOMO notifications.

Tom Kim
PPC Specialist
FOMO notifications are a powerful tool to create urgency and boost sales. Highly impressed!

Maria Rodriguez
Ecommerce Consultant


Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands from dozens countries are using Kicklander

Kicklander app is powerful software to enrich lead generation for marketing agencies, bloggers, e-Commerce websites, and all other small-medium businesses. When you in a rush to improve your CTR using existing traffic, use Kicklander.

Kicklander can be installed on every website platform.

You just need to copy & past a simple JavaScript code in the body of your website, just like analytics script.

With Kicklander you have various of options.

  1. Get submission data directly to your e-mail.
  2. See and filter data from notification edit section.
  3. Send data via webhook to 3rd party.
  4. Use our API.


Convert more visitors
into Customers

Create powerful automated & smart targeted notifications with Kicklander.