Kicklander & Zapier


What can you achieve

Mobile Engagement

Send SMS or push notification, right after user signed in your Kick form.

Personalized Newsletter

Set specific newsletter campaign based on user behavior with extra personalized content.

Social Campaign

Connect your Kick data to your social networks with ease integration.


Connect your data to your CRM, to maximize lead nurturing.

Push Notification

Catch your users after they leave you with a great promotion offer to grab them back.

To Do List

Set specific TODO list for important data you manage on daily routine.

How it works?


Create your
Zapier account

1. Go to and set your details at the form, or connect with your Google account.

Zapier connection box



2. Click on the button bellow to get our invite:

Zapier Invitation Button

And click on the centered button “Accept Invite & Build a Zap”


Make a Zap

3. Tap on the top button “Make a Zap” to create your very first zapier process.

Zapier Invitation Button

4. Select Kicklander as your first step to get the lead data from.
Kicklander Zapier App

5. Pick “New Lead” trigger which let you capture your lead data.

Choose a trigger of new lead

6. Connect to your Kicklander account by tapping “Connect an Account” button.

Connect Button

7. At the dialog box you need to paste your Zapier API Key you have in the Kicklander integration tab.

Zapier API Key

8. After your connection you can tap “Test” to verify the connection status.

Test Zap

Now is the fun part.
You need to choose some app that you want to send the lead data to.
Assume that you have MailChimp list named “New registered users”,
and you set up a rule that when new user added to this list,
a specific email with a coupon template will be sent.
So, let’s choose MailChimp.

After your connection you can tap “Test” to verify the connection status.

Pick Mailchimp

9. Tap Add/Update Subscribe

Pick a Trigger

10. Connect to your MailChimp account and choose your account.

Connect to your MailChimp account

11. Choose your list (must be created first within in your MailChimp account)

Choose your list

12. Now you need to map Kicklander field to match email field,
Tap on the right plus icon to choose email and continue.

Map your fields

Well done!
You just created your first Marketing Automation for your customer journey!
You just can keep make your zaps and enrich your marketing automation proccess even more.
Feel free to share your case studies with us for the community at [email protected]



Get Kicklander and start your automate marketing strategy as quick as make a coffee.