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So, what exactly is a conversation rate?

Conversion rate basically refers to the percentage of prospects who take a specific action in a certain direction.

This “specific action” could mean a number of things, such as downloading an eBook, filling out an online form, subscribing to newsletters, purchasing a product or service, or anything else possible. It is important to remember that conversation rates differ from one business to another, though it largely depends on the nature of business itself.

A business that effectively uses any form of the method in improving conversation rates tends to experience a much greater output (i.e. income and profit). Hence, the higher the conversation is, the higher the growth rate of the business will be.

Interestingly, your conversation rate can be highly optimized in a lot of ways. And while these methods can definitely gain results, it is still important to keep in mind the overall user experience and site usability.

To get you going, below are some killer tips designed to increase your website conversions.

  1. Social Proof

This is where you include a platform or more on your business website specifically for case studies or testimonials. And by doing so, you will easily get access to customer feedbacks, reviews, and testimonials.

Consequently, try to provide screenshots and/or images that will serve as evidence that other customers are completely satisfied with your products or services. This, in particular, is a great way of convincing new and potential visitors.

  1. Credibility

It is crucial for a business to gain and showcase trustworthiness, as it helps in convincing customers when making purchasing decisions. One of the many ways to do this is to include reliable seals from a different organization.

For instance, you can assure your customers that your website is well-secured by adding a seal from VeriSign. The latter is basically a web security firm. This should make every visitor confident when doing business with you online. More importantly, you are giving them the assurance that your products or services are worth buying.

  1. Use a Simple Website Layout

Remember the phrase “less is more?” When visitors arrive on your website, they are usually quick in looking for whatever information they require. They do not need any complicated process when doing so. Keep in mind that visitors are always on the go. If your website’s layout is a bit messy, they would find it difficult to navigate. As a result, they end up leaving.

Your website’s layout must not only be clear but should also promote intuitiveness. These qualities are enough to provide a great user experience. Start by not overwhelming your site with confusing and useless information, particularly annoying ads and flashy graphics, among others.

  1. Make the Conversion Process Simple

If you want to easily get conversions, try making it easy for visitors to be converted. If you have to guide them through every step of the funnel, then do so. As long as you are keeping the conversion process simple, you should be doing well. For example, you are trying to acquire a lead.

Instead of bombarding visitors with tons of questions, ask as little information as possible. If you are trying to sell a product, make sure that the buying process is as streamlined as possible. This is where you guide your visitors throughout the process while making sure that there are not too many options for them to choose from.

  1. Use Compelling Call To Actions (CTAs)

CTAs or Call To Actions is among the most important elements of your website. Without their existence, it would be impossible to continue doing business online. While their presence is guaranteed to help increase conversion rates, they have to be straightforward and compelling enough to be effective.

So, as much as possible, you should use catchy colors and strong verbs in all of your CTAs. In addition, you have to make sure that they are clearly visible to your visitors. CTAs are guaranteed effected if and only if they are implemented properly.

  1. Increase Conversion Rates Offline

Just because you are managing a business website does not mean that every work has to be online. That is not entirely true. That is because you can always increase website conversions even offline. A perfect example of an offline method is trial questions.

The latter is basically a set of questions you pose to new and potential customers. These questions, however, do not directly influence their final buying decision. They instead give you the opportunity to read a customer’s mind and make it easier for you to predetermine the needs.

Moreover, trial questions put customers at ease and make them feel part of the business; hence, at the end of the day, they are satisfied. This, in turn, increases your overall conversion rate. Below is a sample trial question: “If we are to offer you this product for a price that perfectly works for you, is this something you would like to move forward with?”

  1. Find a Way to Keep Customers on Your Site

The logic here is pretty straightforward: the longer customers stay on your site, the higher the chances of them making a purchase or increasing the number of purchases. It helps to show customers products which are a substitute or complement to the products they are buying.

Further to giving prices, it crucial to engage them in conversation about your products or services. Engaging them in conversation makes them feel appreciated and valued. During these conversations with your customers, you learn the weaknesses of your customer handling skills, enabling you to improve and engage with your customers better.

  1. Improve Currency Display

This part here is where most business owners often neglect. They do not seem to grasp that having a currency display feature is vital in owning a store or site online. When you are selling online, people will presumably think that you are doing business with many countries around the world.

A great number of visitors will not be interested in your site’s e-commerce back-end/platform does not show the prices in their local currencies. Enhancing the currency display/selection options is guaranteed to achieve a higher conversion.

  1. Higher Payment Security Features

Insecurity about revealing credit card information is only natural. The last thing you would want is someone getting access to this type of information. In fact, it has become one of the most commonly cited reasons why visitors leave a sit without making a purchase.

In all probability, the payment gateway at your site is a) configured to use the secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS) and b) certified by trust-worthy third-party/parties to be safe. Highlighting these financial information safety/security features of your site will increase the visitors confidence levels and lead to higher conversions.

  1. Go Mobile

In case you did not know, most online searches are done mobile. That means a majority of people around the globe are purchasing products using their smartphones. With that said, it is crucial to launch a mobile-friendly website.  And if your site is not mobile, it is only expected for them to leave without buying.

Making your site, including the checkout process, mobile-friendly, will lead to higher conversion rates.

  1. Make Obvious What Your Site Sells

Many visitors, mainly in the early stages of the buying cycle, arrive at your site a mild to zero interest in your products or services. They do not necessarily plan to buy immediately, though they are pretty much moving to that idea. Also, there are visitors who have shorter attention spans.

Here are a few ways in which you can create a chance of converting these visitors into buyers:

  • Immediately offer your most popular products or special offers. This would soon jar some of the casual visitors into becoming real buyers
  • Make certain that what your site sells is clearly visible. This should cause many visitors to bookmark it and to return later and buy
  • Offer a free email newsletter subscription – many subscribers will return to your site at a later date and buy
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