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Considering the many methods and tools available today, there is every way possible for you to increase your website conversion rate and convert more visitors into customers.

While these approaches have proven to be effective, in one way or another, nothing beats Exit-Intent technology. It simply is the most effective and efficient way of acquiring more leads and converting visitors. Here is everything about this technology and how it can help grow your business.

What is Exit-Intent technology?

In its most organic form, exit-Intent technology tracks mouse movements of any website visitor and detects when that visitor decides to leave the site. But the interesting part here is that it detects such movement when the visitor tends to leave without leaving information or buying anything.

So, by essence, this technology can be used in capturing more leads and, more importantly, reduce cart abandonment. All of these are done simply by showing a popup or a widget as soon as the mouse cursor of the visitor leaves the frame of the website.

Exit-Intent Technology on Mobile

Of course, exit-intent technology also works on mobile. This is quite important actually, as most people nowadays buy stuff online using their mobile devices. But in case you are wondering: What happens when there is no cursor, as mobile devices and tablets do not have such functionality?

The process is still the same, but the way it works is somehow different. For instance, a visitor arrives at your website’s landing page and he tries to click “Back” in order to go to the previous page or site. When that happens, a popup or widget will show up.

Why Does It Work?

There are certainly a number of reasons why exit-intent technology works so well these days. Some of these are listed below:

  • When visitors decide to leave your website, their mind has already been cleared for the next action or task. Fortunately, this is the perfect moment to capture their attention and show them a very irresistible offer.
  • When you show visitors a popup or widget in the middle of the screen, they have no choice but to make a decision. And since there are no distractions, they are likely to engage with the functionality and leave their information (or close the popup otherwise).
  • In most cases, it is alright not to offer the same thing in your landing page as in your popup or widget. If visitors do not convert in your page, you would likely to offer something with a different move. This could be a CTA (Call To Action) or a higher value just to catch them while hesitating.

Different Ways Exit-Intent Can Work to Your Advantage

The Exit-Intent technology basically uses different algorithms in order to analyze and understand visitor behavior. These algorithms also help in detecting when visitors tend to leave the site.

Regardless, this technology has proven to help any type of online business grow, though it would differ in application. It is worth noting that there are several uses for exit-Intent technology that your e-commerce company can benefit from.

Sweetens the Deal

If visitors found themselves on your site, it is expected for them to be interested in your products or services. However, it also expected from them to leave your site for a number of reasons. Perhaps they cannot afford the price or they want to check out a competitor first. Or maybe they simply do not like what you are offering. But hey, there is no need to worry.

With this technology, you can make your products or services even more attractive. This is where you can use a popup that introduces a new offer of sorts to the interaction. For example, the popup says that you will give 10 percent discount as long as visitors make their first order.

You see, this added discount could make several items more affordable for the visitors who want to abandon or leave. This, in particular, significantly increases your chances of making a sale and decreasing your bounce rate.

Captures Information

It is true that the Exit-Intent technology gives you one, better chance at re-engaging with visitors. However, it can also be used to capture their information. For example, the popup asks them to put in their email. This should give you the ability to start a long conversation with them later.

Note that the more capable you are in contacting and/engaging with a customer, the more likely you are to build a brand relationship. And as this goes on, you are going to make repeat purchases.

Puts on the Pressure

Contrary to popular belief, customer behavior is actually not that complicated. It is surprisingly simple to understand and predict. One way of taking advantage of customer behavior is to add pressure to the ongoing shopping situation and, at the same time, encourage visitors to move ahead with a quick decision.

Keep in mind that some portions of online sales are primarily “impulse purchases,” which refers to the shopper making a rapid decision without even deliberating or considering other products available.

A very effective strategy for this technology is the addition of a countdown timer. The latter gives visitors the impression that they only have a certain amount of time to move forward and take advantage of the deal or offer. And when this pressure is activated, they nudge towards an impulse to buy.

The overlay on the popup can be customized according to the time you feel is enough to persuade visitors.

Shows Your Best Stuff

It holds true that it is really impossible for online businesses or retailers to display all of their best products on one landing page. And due to this, it is very likely that most visitors will leave the site without even trying to have a look-see at some of the top-sellers and most popular products.

This is exactly where the Exit-Intent technology works to your advantage. You can customize it in a way that the popup will show the most popular items in your inventory, giving visitors a peek at what they will be getting if they choose to do business with you.

This compelling advertising message will encourage them to take action. And what is even great is that they might just consider making repeat purchases every now and then.

Of course, it is not required for the products you display to be among your highest-selling items. You can be very flexible here. For instance, you want to give your low-performing products a boost. You can use the popup to display these items as a way to market them.

The association with the most appealing items can increase the chances that visitors also purchase low-performing items.

Becomes a Friendly Reminder

Perhaps one of the most frustrating scenarios for doing business online is when visitors fill their shopping cart with items and decide to leave the page without even completing the purchase. It is like you are almost there but yet not so close.

Still, placing an item or filling the shopping cart is already a strong indicator that the visitor is really interested with the product. However, for some reason, the visitor did not complete the purchase. Perhaps something is holding him/her back.

This is where the Exit-Intent advertisement becomes a highly effective medium in this type of situation. It can be used as a gentle reminder that the visitor left his/her items in the cart.

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